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Steph Sharma

Adjunct Professor

Steph’s purpose in life is to challenge the status quo in service to empowerment, engagement and well-being. Through her work with a company she founded, Symbio Strategies, she engages with purpose-grounded leaders to develop human capital centered solutions. Her previous experiences as a Partner and Principal with Gallup and a project manager with various family start-ups have informed her practical application as an adjunct in leadership education and management skills, with students of Presidio Graduate School and Universidad Panamericana in Mexico City. Whether leadership consulting, writing or teaching, Steph seeks to enhance strategic thinking, systems orientation and individual-driven autonomy. She dedicates volunteer time as the board chair to Black Ops Rescue, a non-profit serving veterans with rescue pets. Further grounding in being mindful, is supported by time with her two horses, her three dogs and cat, and cycling or traveling to see friends or family, with her husband Keerat.

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