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Tom Crowell



I enjoy supporting small and medium size businesses implementing strategic sustainability objectives. I distill large and complex projects into easy-to-manage and understandable tasks. I synthesize complex information to identify “low-hanging fruit” for emissions reduction and energy savings. My successes include leading teams to improve the environment with energy and supply chain efficiencies while reducing costs and enhancing the sustainability of the business. My background and interests include:

  • Over 20 years of consulting and project management experience leading and supporting teams in small, medium, and large businesses
  • Expertise in greenhouse gas and financial accounting and reporting
  • Creative emissions reduction strategies achieving sustainability goals
  • Extensive experience implementing strategic solutions for supply chain and manufacturing challenges.
  • Developing and delivering customized GHG accounting and Climate Action plan seminars and courses
  • Masters in Environmental Studies with a focus on Climate and Environmental Education.
  • Certificate in Sustainable Energy Management.

My company, Crowell Consulting, specializes in developing client-focused climate strategies and emissions targets informed by a comprehensive carbon footprint. Crowell Consulting provides training courses on climate and sustainability-related topics customized for all levels and audiences.

Consulting Services Areas of Expertise

Carbon accounting and reporting, emission reduction strategies, materiality and climate risk assessment, energy, and waste efficiency recommendations.

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