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How We Teach

Presidio Graduate School’s unique approach to teaching sustainable management integrates systems, leadership, and management fundamentals.

How_We_Teach_2_7_12Beyond the essential management competencies–such as governance, operations, economics and finance–our graduates are trained to see connections and make better decisions in the context of a whole system. For example, they learn to recognize how changing a manufacturing process can impact not just efficiency, but also community relations, environmental safety and job satisfaction. They recognize how rethinking business or policy decisions that reduce energy and material costs, for example, can lead to bottom-line benefits while delivering value to customers and other stakeholders.

What is Sustainable Management?

At Presidio Graduate School, sustainable management is about seeing extraordinary opportunities for innovation and impact at the intersection of environmental, economic and social systems. It’s a strategic approach to rethinking everything from designing more sustainable, healthy and affordable products and services to applying the power of business and policy in order to address global issues such as poverty, ecosystem degradation and human rights.

Sustainable management requires a blending of social, natural and financial capital to create an integrated bottom line. As a comprehensive framework for management, it is ultimately about creating wealth for individuals, firms and communities that minimizes future risks while optimizing and restoring economic, environmental and social value. We view sustainable management not as an add-on or a cost but as a means to dramatically improve strategy, stakeholder value, and financial performance.

Transformative Teaching

Translating ideas and opportunities for sustainable business and policy solutions into practical action, however, often requires leading people through some form of change, or even disruption. This is the essence of the human and leadership dimension of sustainable management that Presidio emphasizes throughout our programs. No matter how innovative your idea or how well-designed your business case, without the courage and ability to mobilize others, very little progress can be made. We teach leadership competencies and inspire confidence, both of which are critical for success in today’s complex business and political environment. Not only do Presidio students develop a strong understanding of sustainability principles, tools and activities, they also cultivate sustainability ethics and the leadership skills to change institutions and society.