At PGS you will meet a dynamic community of change agents—industry pioneers, world-class faculty, business-leading alumni and talented peers—who are working together to change business for good.

Presidio Graduate School is more than an educational institution or a professional network. We’re a vibrant and growing learning community that engages, inspires and challenges students, alumni, and faculty, as well as business, policy, and non-profit leaders to make our world more just, prosperous and sustainable every day.

Our enterprising community network is an exceptional resource. It provides access to a worldwide group of talented professionals across sectors and industries who are at the forefront of the sustainability field and are committed to helping students realize their career goals.

A combination of residential and distance learning instruction means students can participate in the program regardless of where they live and work. It is immersive, yet flexible and allows working students options to earn income while they learn.


The program begins with an immersive weekend orientation at NatureBridge in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, just north of the Golden Gate Bridge.  This location is in the historic Coastal Miwok lands.  It is surrounded by hiking trails, fields of wildflowers, and coastal beaches. Students will engage in a variety of activities to get to know each other, the PGS culture, and get prepared for their first term.


The community meets 10 times each year—once per month from August thru May — for a four-day “Residency” (Thursday thru Sunday). On Saturday evenings during Residency weekends, the school hosts receptions, speakers, and other programs for current students and alumni to attend. These gatherings are not only an opportunity to broaden one’s knowledge of the sustainability community but also to network and collaborate with other Presidians.

Distance Learning

Between intensives, the community engages through online distance-learning technologies, including online class sessions, assignments and activities to apply theory to live situations that support student learning.