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Heather Putnam

At Ratio Institute, Heather Putnam puts into action her deep background in sustainability in the food and agriculture industries. Before joining Ratio Institute, she worked for a division of Where Food Comes From, developing crop-specific sustainability standards, running certification programs for the Protected Harvest program, benchmarking sustainability frameworks and consulting on sustainability strategy for various commodity marketing boards. Before that, she ran the agroecology research program at the Community Agroecology Network. Heather holds a Ph.D. and master's degree from the University of Kansas, specializing in coffee commodity networks, cooperatives and sustainability certification systems.

Compelled to Action: 5 Sustainability Trends Impacting Food Retail


Food retailers — supermarkets, neighborhood grocery stores and convenience stores — are the nexus of food production, distribution and consumption, bringing together the most pressing issues in our food system. They also have the most potential to drive changes for a more sustainable future. The food retail industry has remained behind in adapting to the …

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