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Wesley Alexander

Wesley Alexander, currently serves as the CEO of CoBiz Richmond, Inc. (CoBiz) - a shared co-working space and business incubator start-up whose mission is to drive equitable and transformative outcomes for Richmond, CA and the surrounding communities. Prior to CoBiz, Mr. Alexander worked for Fortune 60 ventures in emerging technology, served as a Special Agent in the FBI, co-founded an app, and provided individualized coaching services to entrepreneurs. Wesley's motto is that We Must Do More as stewards for the next generation.

People with a Soul: Truth—A Response to the Recent Crimes Against Humanity

Social Justice, Community

Even as these times shine a light on the legacy of systemic racism, they are also revealing the work of patient, generative heroes among us. In that spirit, I wanted to share this letter from my office landlord, Wesley Alexander, the CEO of Co-Biz Richmond—a co-working and business incubator space committed to fostering community wealth …

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