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You have decided to pursue a graduate degree. This is a big commitment and a giant step towards reaching your academic and career goals. Presidio Graduate School is looking for candidates that are a good fit for our community and demonstrate the ability to succeed as a sustainability professional beyond graduation. Passing this test requires preparation and a strong admissions application. Our Admissions Team has put together a few simple tips to help candidates submit an admission application that stands out and has a better chance of acceptance.

Be you!

Honest and authentic stories that express your strengths and share your purpose for pursuing graduate studies are more compelling. It is natural to be uncomfortable talking about yourself and often times we can be blind to our biggest strengths. Work through this by talking to friends, family, and co-workers about what they see as your strengths. The best place to reveal your story including purpose, values, and future goals is through your admissions essay. 

Application for Admission
Do your research.

Explore Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube to connect with and learn more about current students, alumni, and faculty. When you are ready, schedule a call with our admissions team. They will guide you through the application process and share student stories relevant to your goals.

Determine who you need to talk to.

The admissions team is here to support you, but you need to ask for what you need. Find out what the life-work-school balance is for part-time students who are working full-time by talking with a current student. Understand the academic rigor and concentration options by talking with faculty. Gain insight on potential career paths by talking with alumni. Attend a Virtual Open House and a class tour to get to know the community and student resources. 

Get organized.

Create a checklist and breakdown the discovery process and application into specific, manageable, and actionable tasks. Calendar each task with a realistic deadline.

Allow enough time.

Stay on track by setting realistic goals and deadlines. Supporting documents such as transcripts and recommendation letters can take time – request these immediately. If you requested the required supporting documents before the deadline, your submitted application will be considered for that deadline. You are required to submit these documents prior to starting the programs. If you are waiting for official transcripts, submit unofficial copies at the time of submission to expedite your application.

Understand prerequisites.

Presidio Graduate School doesn’t require the GRE or GMAT. Prospective students are required to meet baseline knowledge expectations prior to starting classes in accounting, statistics, and MS Excel. Students who have not completed these courses within 3 years will need to satisfy these prerequisites by taking courses either through Presidio Graduate School or another university prior to starting the program. Typically students should allow 2-3 months to finish both courses.

NOTE: Students can submit their application and receive a positive admissions decision prior to registering or completing these prerequisite courses. All students must receive a passing grade of B- or better before starting the program.

Get feedback before you submit.

Ask someone who will be honest with you to review your application, essay, and resume to make sure you are presenting your best self. What else could you share that makes your purpose, values, and goals clear?  Schedule another application consultation session with a PGS admissions team member to give you feedback on your essay draft and strength of your application.

Prepare for the interview.

After submitting your admissions application, we will contact you to schedule an admissions interview. The interview is your opportunity to share who you are, how committed you are to pursue a degree, and ask questions before a final decision is made. The best way to prepare for this interview is to write down your questions, re-read your essay, and review your resume to build on your story and talk about something unique that is not shared in your admissions documents.

You are ready.

Follow these tips to submit a successful admissions application to Presidio Graduate School and prepare for the journey ahead. Choose the term in which you want to begin and rigorously adhere to the admissions deadlines. Commit to completing your application. Be confident in your abilities.  Be determined and take the next steps necessary to achieve your purpose. 


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