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At Presidio Graduate School, our Master of Public Administration (MPA) program combines our passion for social justice, climate change, and sustainability with instruction on what it means to be an effective leader in the 21st century. Our coursework is grounded in the study of equity and sustainability, preparing students with the knowledge they need design better solutions in both the public and private sectors. Here are 10 reasons why you should consider enrolling in our online MPA degree:

1. You’ll be able to explore versatile career paths.

With an MPA grounded in sustainability, you can become eligible for a wide variety of purpose-driven job opportunities. Whether you end up in the environmental, urban planning, corporate, or engineering field, you have the chance to work on projects that are not only challenging, but also make a true societal impact. Equipped with an MPA, you can pursue both corporate and non-corporate career paths—and a public administration master’s degree from a top school like Presidio could help you land a spot with an organization working at the forefront of sustainability, like a think tank, research firm, or government agency.

2. You’ll have access to a growing job market.

Not only does having an MPA degree improve your chances of finding a stable and rewarding career, but the sustainability market is also growing quickly. Around 86% of S&P 500 companies published a sustainability report in 2018—up from 20% in 2011—and 22% of large companies now have more than twenty people dedicated to sustainability initiatives. As the climate crisis deepens and our communities face new environmental challenges, the need grows for qualified professionals to address them. The past decade alone has seen a rise in management occupations specifically geared toward these concerns, with new, top-tier positions being created like Chief Sustainability Officer, Environmental Vice President, and Director of Corporate Responsibility. Graduates from our sustainability MPA degree are uniquely positioned to take advantage of this rising demand for their skills and knowledge, accepting positions from companies like Google, Genentech, Latino Outdoors, Slack, SPUR, and more.

3. You’ll be able to support the environment.

Solutions in sustainability are complex and high stakes. They must be flexible and adaptable, evolving to meet the needs of our changing environment and growing community. In many sustainability jobs, you’ll be working in the public or private sector to design environmentally-conscious options and outcomes, which strive to protect natural resources and improve quality of life.

4. You’ll learn how to foster social change.

At Presidio, we believe that we cannot design equitable solutions without equitable representation, which is why our online MPA degree emphasizes the importance of social justice throughout our curriculum and coursework. Not only will you learn about the impact of climate change and global warming on different demographics, but you’ll also be equipped to identify and combat systemic inequalities. From urban planning to public policy, you’ll be able to design and implement strategies that help to dismantle inequity and construct more resilient communities.

5. You’ll be a part of the solution.

Many people with a master’s degree focused in sustainability find job opportunities in government. If you’re interested in politics or lawmaking, this could be a fascinating intersection for you. Not only will our public administration master’s degree help position you to pursue a career in state, local, or federal government, but the added benefit of having a background in sustainability can give you a unique perspective and toolkit when it comes to crafting the laws and policies our communities need.

6. You’ll discover how to become a leader.

At Presidio, we understand that leaders must do more than sit at the top of the table—they must build working environments that truly create change. If you’re interested in taking the reins with public administration and sustainability, you’ll be well-prepared with our MPA degree, with key leadership courses like Leadership in a Social Context and Effective Communications Strategies. You’ll gain in-depth knowledge on the principles and theories behind leadership, which will lend itself to both management and administrative positions in everything from corporations to non-profit organizations.

7. You’ll reap the benefits of an online degree.

An online MPA can bring you the benefits of a graduate degree program, but on your terms, fitting into your life and schedule. You’ll be able to enjoy the flexibility of learning from home or elsewhere while still receiving the same high-quality instruction that you would receive on-campus in San Francisco, California. Our curriculum is designed to make the program ideal for those who are juggling multiple personal and/or professional responsibilities, while still supporting a strong student life and community-building within the program.

8. You’ll gain critical knowledge.

Presidio’s MPA degree will provide you with valuable knowledge in a variety of subjects, equipping you with a versatile education that can serve you both inside and outside of the sustainability field. From leadership and management to a keen understanding of environmental systems and social structures, this degree aims to create a well-rounded thought process, yielding professional qualities desirable to employers and academic knowledge that empowers you to make an impact.

9. You’ll be well-prepared to further your education.

After obtaining your master’s degree, you’ll be primed for a doctoral degree—not just in education but in discipline, too. The high standards of our graduate courses will lay a solid foundation for you to advance in the field of academia and potentially even pursue a university career. For those who have an interest in teaching, our MPA program offers an excellent starting point.

10. You’ll have the potential for higher wages.

Not only is a public administration master’s degree rewarding for the work you’ll accomplish, but it may also land you a job with higher wages and more desirable benefits. While it’s fair to say that both salary and benefits vary widely depending on the industry you choose to go into, the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that having a master’s degree on average increases earnings by almost 20% over having a bachelor’s degree.

Learn more about Presidio’s online MPA degree.

Based in San Francisco, California, Presidio Graduate School is recognized as one of the top business schools, with the New York Times declaring it the grad school to attend, “if you want to change the world.” Our online Master of Public Administration degree can prepare you for a rewarding career in sustainability, whether you wish to work in a corporate, government, or environmental setting. Learn more by contacting us today.

About the Author / Jaq King

Jaq is the Associate Marketing Manager at Presidio, where she lives in the digital world. She is a writer for our email communications, an author on the Presidian blog, and the manager of our social media channels (where she also moonlights as a graphic designer). She particularly loves to use the digital world to spread the word about the myriad accomplishments of Presidio's students and alums, who she applauds for bringing passion and energy to the critical challenges facing our social and natural ecosystems. When she's not working, she tries to stay out of the digital world and spend time on trails and in lakes. You can usually find her with a cup of coffee.

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