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Presidio ESG Consultancy PGS Consults Lands a Spotlight on

Climate change doesn’t always provoke generational conflict—for our multigenerational team of sustainability consultants, the mutual benefits abound.

OCT. 19, 2021 – PGS Consults, the expert ESG consultancy at Presidio Graduate School, was recently featured on as a remarkable and rare example of an intergenerational collection of organizers, consultants, and changemakers working to “solve problems, bridge divides, and create a better future for all.”

On September 1, author and climate activist Bill McKibben announced that he’s launching Third Act to get more older Americans involved in climate activism—good news, Encore notes, as historically the burden of climate action has fallen disproportionately on young people. Yet what McKibben’s program—and the article—advocate is that intergenerational collaboration is an indispensable element to building effective climate solutions. Read more from Encore:

“Here’s a story about a multigenerational team working in the climate change space that inspires me. Unlike traditional consulting companies that tend to be very hierarchical, PGS Consults sees age diversity and varied subject area expertise as an asset when advising organizations of all sizes on how to become more socially and environmentally responsible.

The group is a consulting arm of the Presidio Graduate School, a program in San Francisco that teaches students to approach business decisions with equal emphasis on people, profit and planet. And its unique approach — creating teams of students, alumni, professors and seasoned professionals — acknowledges the urgency for new thinking and creative solutions.”

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