Jessica Ellerbrock


MBA, MPA Sustainable Solutions

Meet the Graduate

My focus at Presidio was the research and advocacy for refugee rights and global public policy with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as my guide. After volunteering support with a refugee NGO in Greece, the experience provided a pathway to create an economic resiliency plan in the agriculture industry with locals and refugees on the Greek islands. Our entrepreneurship team created the new non-profit Sol Stories, a crowdfunding platform, to listen and invest in stories of sustainability with a focus on youth entrepreneurship in the global south. With experiential learning, I have consulted on risk analysis and due diligence for responsible mineral mining for a technology company. We analyzed and performed a financial valuation for a cryptocurrency startup. For an award-winning Napa vineyard, we developed KPI’s for water, land, energy, and human health and safety for ISO certification. I look forward to contributing my systems thinking, sustainability knowledge, and social justice focus supporting vulnerable communities where business and government can be a force for good.

Moving forward, I hope to use my skills and experience in international development with a focus in sustainable economic development. I have an interest in refugee policy and humanitarian support, sustainable agriculture, transparent supply chains, and workers’ rights.