Presidian Way

The Presidian Way

How We Teach

Presidio Graduate School’s pioneering approach integrates management and leadership fundamentals with systems thinking.

Transforming ideas into actionable, sustainable solutions requires courage to lead people through change. Presidio Graduate School instills confidence, by equipping students with the technical knowledge and leadership skills they need to transform business and society.  Concepts from the classroom are practiced in the real world as students learn by doing in Experiential Learning projects

Sustainable Solutions

Sustainable solutions create impact through innovation at the intersection of environmental, economic, and social systems. It is a comprehensive approach to management that builds value for businesses, individuals, and communities – while reducing future risk. We view sustainable solutions as critical to dramatically improving the execution of strategy, financial performance, and stakeholder value.

The financial consequences of decisions are important, but not the entire equation. Sustainable solutions seek to benefit all stakeholders – creating equitable prosperity for individuals, organizations, and communities. Teaching through a sustainability lens means accomplishing these goals and meeting these objectives in a manner that minimizes the potential for unintended consequences that lead to collateral damage — while optimizing economic, environmental, and social benefits.

Today’s Top Challenges are Complex

A major impact in one area always has consequences in other areas. Our systems-thinking approach views business, government, society, justice, and environment as an integrated whole. PGS students learn to design solutions that account for human, economic, and environmental concerns to create a holistically optimal and sustainable outcome and prosperity for all.

PGS embeds sustainability into every course. Through our leading Experiential Learning program, students apply sustainability and social responsibility frameworks and methods to real cases in large and small companies, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations.

At Presidio Graduate School, you learn to find opportunities for innovation and impact at the intersection of environmental, economic, and social systems. Our comprehensive leadership and management framework enables the design of more sustainable, healthy, and affordable products and services by applying the power of business and public policy to address global issues and attain the UN Sustainable Development Goals.