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Aaron Daly

Aaron Daly comes to Ratio Institute after having served as global director of energy management for Whole Foods Market, where he oversaw the company’s energy efficiency budgets, managed energy procurement, developed and scaled onsite renewable energy and battery storage systems and supported design, water, waste and sustainability initiatives. Prior to that, Aaron was a national account manager at PECI, a not-for-profit energy-efficiency consulting group, where he worked with food retailers such as SuperValu, Albertsons and Trader Joes. Aaron is a Certified Energy Manager, and he holds a master's degree in energy management from Sonoma State University.

Young Woman at the Supermarket

Refrigerants Explained: How Supermarket Fridges Can Help The Planet Stay Cool

Sustainability, Community

Author’s note: Ratio Institute taps Presidio Graduate School’s students and alumni for sustainability research in the food industry. Through our partnership, we’re able to communicate to a broader audience about best practices in engaging with the food industry around sustainability.  Today I went and looked inside my fridge — not for veggies, but for the label …

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Compelled to Action: 5 Sustainability Trends Impacting Food Retail


Food retailers — supermarkets, neighborhood grocery stores and convenience stores — are the nexus of food production, distribution and consumption, bringing together the most pressing issues in our food system. They also have the most potential to drive changes for a more sustainable future. The food retail industry has remained behind in adapting to the …

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