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Leilani Latimer

Leilani Latimer is a global go-to-market executive, board advisor, speaker, and writer. She has a track record of success growing B2B, SaaS, enterprise software companies—public, pre-IPO, and start-ups—and is recognized for her expertise in taking nascent products, programs, and companies to scale. Leilani is known for her unique perspective on corporate risk and reputation, shaped by her ESG specialization (Environment, Social, Governance) and her systems-thinking approach to transformational, high impact change.

5 Steps Boards Can Take to Be ESG-ready for 2021


Amongst the many dramatic challenges global businesses faced in 2020, one that had been simmering for years bubbled up and promised to stay at a high boil in 2021 is ESG: Environment, Social, Governance. Signs that ESG expectations were becoming more ubiquitous included the establishment of global ESG standards published by the World Economic Forum’s …

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