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More professionals are recognizing that the future requires collaboration between the public and private sectors, and that’s why students are choosing the Dual MBA/MPA Degree program at Presidio Graduate School, says Arif Hasyim.

“I have worked in corporations and NGOs in relation to climate change and clean development. I collaborated with government agencies. To create a successful program, corporations and government should be able to communicate, understand each other and collaborate. That’s where the future lies,” he says.

“In the global setting, PPP (public-private partnership) is a platform that is becoming more and more popular. That’s why I chose Dual Degree.”

Hasyim has recently finished his MBA program and began courses in the master of public administration stream this semester.

It’s not what he’d planned to do two years ago when he started at Presidio, he says.

“I joined Presidio with a clear intention. Today, I’d rather explore the possibility, and witness the emergence of new practices in corporation and government institutions and make sure I am on top of everything,” he says.

The Dual Degree program at Presidio is a good choice for students who plan to lead in sectors that operate between the public and private sectors in areas such as the clean tech industry, health care, sustainable agriculture and food.

Students learn the basics of sustainable business, and also the foundations of civic, non-profit and governmental management.

Following the flexible Presidio formula, students can study intensively at the school as well as interactively from their workplaces, in a full- or part-time format.

The Dual Degree program is the integration of two schools of thought, reflecting the fading division between corporation and government activity.

And what better place to take that journey than Presidio, which Hasyim says can’t be beat when it comes to integrity and leadership.

“Presidio has a vision where sustainability is reflected in the everyday practices and thoughts of each of us,” he says. “In academic settings, leadership education starts to become a new norm. Presidio has done it since Day 1.”

Evelyn Lee echoes Hasyim’s sentiment, having graduated with the first cohort in the Dual Degree program.

Starting her MBA at a younger age than most — in her early 30s — Lee says she needed a program where the professors had real-world experience and a school that taught something other than “antiquated business theories.”

“I realized it takes a larger stakeholder group to make anything happen. Inevitably it’s going to involve the public and private sector,” Lee says, adding that the program gave her the language to communicate with both the private and public sectors.

Lee now works as a design strategist in the area of corporate culture management in San Francisco.

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