Rowan Lynn


MBA, MPA Sustainable Solutions

Meet the Graduate

Created a Strategic Plan for Mount Madonna Center that helped to catalyze a period of transformation and evolution in the organization. Took part in an international program to tour and learn about Cooperative Enterprises in an area of Italy where a full 1/3 of the economy is made up of Co-ops. In an effort to eradicate the “motherhood penalty” for women I created the structure for a non-profit workforce development program for single moms together with a for-profit cooperative enterprise where trained single moms can launch and receive continued support for growing their remote businesses. The joint structures were designed as Public-Private Partnerships allowing them to take advantage of funding and/or revenues from all sectors while filling a market gap in the accounting industry.

Moving forward, I hope to use my skills and experience to engage in triple bottom line consulting and coaching and building communities with localized economic, environmental, and social resiliency.