Organizational Leadership

Course Number: LDR6300
Faculty: Nancy Southern, EdD and Doug Walton, PhD

What students learn in this course:

  • An understanding of the role and nature of systems embedded within organizations, the surrounding operating environment, and society
  • Models and approaches to creating significant, long-lasting change in organizations and systems.
  • How to apply personal leadership skills to influence change in fast-paced, complex, and chaotic operating environments

About this course:

Human systems in organizational and community environments influence the way people behave. They determine the options accessed for action, the constructive or destructive relationships that form, the on-going learning that is feasible, and the meaning individuals apply and contribute to work. This course provides tangible organizational assessment approaches to deepen the understanding of strategic thinking and planning, rewards, recruiting and retaining talent, budgeting, ethics, and power. Together, these approaches to understanding public or private organizational systems demonstrate the impact of these systems on leadership and management actions.