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Student Leadership Opportunities

Student Clubs

Student-organized clubs and events are a key extension of the Presidio learning experience and offer you the opportunity to explore and expand your professional interests and personal passions. Student leaders organize club events, trips, and projects that help to develop the student community and offer opportunities to dive deeper into mutual areas of career interest. By leading a club, you can enhance your Presidio experience, expand your network, gain valuable professional development, and find new ways to collaborate with your peers.

Student Representatives

Students elect members of the Student Representative Council. This group is the voice of the student body, representing student perspectives and advocating on behalf of students to the school administration.

John Howe
“Presidio is all about community, and nothing represents that more than Student Reps. We are consistently advocating for one another, our educational experience, and equity in the broader communities that we are a part of. I’m proud to be a part of a student body that encourages this leadership in every student.”
John Howe
MBA/MPA Dual Degree Candidate
Tobi Shannon placeholder
“As a Student Rep, I felt it was my role to amplify the voice students had on topics we felt most pertinent. I wanted to be in the know and to relay information from students to faculty and staff, and vice versa. As students at Presidio, we challenge ourselves to share information and stay informed to promote co-collaboration in every decision made throughout tour learning experience. We do this because we know that to change the systems we grapple with in our world, we must be inclusive and considerate of everyone’s voice. This is how we move toward a just society.”
Tobi Shannon
MBA/MPA, 2021

Commit to a brighter future for yourself and the planet.

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