Course Number: SUST6230
Instructor: Jimmy Jia, MBA

What students learn in this course:

  • How to apply whole systems thinking to reorient strategies toward sustainable solutions
  • How to adjust to changing situations to overcome obstacles and promote productivity and sustainability through a variety of contexts, including relationships, teams and organization
  • How to encourage and influence relationships that promote sustainability across multiple stakeholders and roles within global, social, political, ethical and cultural context of organizations

About this Course:

This course presents cutting-edge ideas on how strategy is evolving and the implications for socially- and environmentally-engaged management. Through considering classical approaches to strategy (such as resource- based views of the firm that capture capability logic), modern approaches (such as hyper-competition and high- velocity perspectives that embody guerrilla logic), and emerging approaches (such as eco-systemic and chaos theory-based views that incorporate a complexity logic), the course covers traditional, mainstream, and progressive perspectives on strategic management. As a whole, it provides conceptual tools and practical methodologies for catalyzing organizational transformation based on a strategic, systemic, and sustainable appreciation of change. The knowledge, skills, and attitudes developed throughout the course focus on consideration of the emerging trends and new areas of opportunity to be taken into account in developing strategies and designing processes and structures in sustainable organizations of the 21st century.