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Student Life

Presidio students make up a vibrant and inclusive community, grounded in their passion to create a flourishing future for all.

We see creativity, diversity, and commitment as the foundations of an inclusive and successful organization. These principles guide Presidio Graduate School and support our efforts to foster long-lasting communities that facilitate individual transformation. We built our community on the premise that a school must support and nurture students of all races, sexual orientations, gender identities, and socio-economic backgrounds to provide a genuinely transformative and effective education. We maintain that freedom of thought and the open exchange of ideas are paramount when establishing an inclusive and productive learning environment, which can only flourish with the practice of compassion and mutual respect.

Our online Master of Public Administration (MPA) program draws a truly accomplished and impact-driven student body. Deeply committed to public service, community building, and progressive policy, the typical Presidio student is looking for a degree that deepens their understanding of the systems we live in. We built the Presidio online MPA to propel your career, shift your perspective, and empower you and your peers to imagine more nuanced, equitable solutions for the public sector.

Meet MPA degree candidate Susan K. Stewart, an accomplished Deputy Attorney General with more than fifteen years of experience contributing to progressive and equity-building legal practices. Susan shares how she arrived at Presidio to “create meaningful changes in the system to combat [the] systemic, long-term challenge[s]” in public education.

Join a Supportive Online Community

As a close-knit institution, we are uniquely positioned to offer individualized support that is reflected in our student success rates. Our student services team is committed to supporting you on your academic journey with the following offerings:

Advising and coaching

We provide advising and coaching services to offer guidance, accountability, and mentorship in every aspect of your academic experience, connecting you with key resources to ensure your success.

Career Shadowing

As a Presidio student, you’ll benefit from a unique education that incorporates real-world practice. Through our expert management consultant agency, PGS Consults, you’ll have the opportunity to shadow sustainability consultants working at the cutting edge of CSR and ESG across industries ranging mining, winemaking, wildfire response, and more. Through this program, you can begin to impact a positive change on the world and participate in paid client projects while still in school, gaining a wide breadth of professional experience well before graduating.

Office hours

You can meet with TAs and professors for support across all aspects of your learning experience, including career advice, time management, and guidance on class projects.

Peer mentors

Benefit from the counsel of seasoned students who can help provide support, coaching, and insider tips on student life at Presidio.

Slack channels

Engage with your peers and the Presidio team directly through Slack channels like #opportunities, #events, #student-to-student, #student-to-staff, and #chill to stay connected and updated.

Student-led and staff-led events

We supplement your coursework with social and educational events like alumni mingle, open forums, cohort check-ins, game nights, social justice dialogues, state of the school addresses, and panels featuring public sector leaders. These virtual activities help you establish connections, expand your knowledge base into new verticals, engage on a deeper level with your community, and stay in touch with Presidio’s latest news.

A Collaborative, Virtual Format

We have been delivering dynamic virtual programs for years and have mastered the art of building and facilitating online communities to enrich your academic experience, foster meaningful collaboration, and set the stage for deep and lasting friendships.

We designed our online Master of Public Administration (MPA) program to fit into your busy professional life, advance your career goals, and transform your vision of what it means to co-create intentional communities. We leverage synchronous and asynchronous learning methods to create a rich and interactive educational experience, merging the accessibility of remote study with the unique benefits of engaging directly with a close community of mission-driven peers.

Commit to a brighter future for yourself and the planet.

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