Business, policy and social ventures come together in Presidio Graduate School Capstone Showcase on May 18

HIP Investor CEO R. Paul Herman teaches how to be an impact investor

HIP Investor’s CEO R. Paul Herman has an inspiring message for young people: you don’t have to choose; you can do good and make money. It’s this message Mr. Herman recently underscored when teaching a… Read more »

MBA Grad inspired to be working on sustainability shift

Sara Kennedy had a very clear goal when she signed up for the Presidio Graduate School MBA program: to work with or consult large corporations on sustainability. With one month left before she graduates, Sara… Read more »

Blending Social and Environmental Impact with Financial Return

Last spring, while preparing for a business case challenge, I learned about a new investment approach that blends social and environmental impact with financial return–Impact Investing.  I happened to be part of a team that… Read more »

How to Help the GDP Grow Up

Presidio Graduate School hosted a symposium ‘Outgrowing GDP: A New Approach to America’s Accounting System’ at Bloomberg LP yesterday, off Pier 3 near the Ferry Building.  The half-day event included a mixed panel of current… Read more »

Closing the Gender Gap through Summer Camp

Phenomenally underrepresented behind the camera, women make up only about 20% of key roles in the motion picture and television industry.  This translates to roughly 4.8 males working behind-the-scenes to every one female. Sadly, in… Read more »

Outgrowing GDP: An Imperfect Measure Misses What Matters

In sports, it’s easy to figure out whether a team is ahead or behind: You just need to look at points, runs or goals scored. If only another score keeping measure—the one used to determine… Read more »

Work Placements Change MBA Candidate’s Thinking

Mara Slade has always been concerned about the environment. She cared about sustainability and even had a couple of Paul Hawken books lying around. But after immersing herself in an MBA program with a deeply… Read more »

MPA Program offers chance to move from reflection to action

“Action is at the heart of sustainability,” says one Presidio Graduate School student who has been moved from thinking about sustainability to acting on it. “It’s all good and well to talk about it, but… Read more »

Climate Stabilization: Jumpstarting a Movement

This weekend at Presidio Graduate School, fire was reinvented – the era of taking immediate and long-term action toward climate stabilization (CS) is well upon us. On a foggy Saturday in the Presidio, a multigenerational,… Read more »

Darcie Renn Named Packard Environment Fellow

In 2004, Darcie Renn was a volunteer with the Peace Corps and teaching Chinese University students about a new policy tool called cap and trade.  At the time, it was only an idea. Now, Darcie… Read more »

Dual MBA MPA Degree Crosses Public-private Divide

More professionals are recognizing that the future requires collaboration between the public and private sectors, and that’s why students are choosing the Dual MBA/MPA Degree program at Presidio Graduate School, says Arif Hasyim. “I have… Read more »