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The Integrative Capstone course provides the platform for students to design, plan, and launch profitable and sustainable ventures. The course integrates business strategy and strategic management, leadership and decision science, the functional areas of business (such as accounting, finance, marketing and operations), and examines the principles, frameworks and techniques central to understanding markets, competitive positioning, and launching new ventures. Just as important, this course builds on the necessary leadership competencies to support the creation, development and evolution of these ventures within broad social, economic, ecological and political systems

Within the supportive structure of Capstone, great emphasis will be placed on your leaving the classroom to test your ideas against the world beyond Presidio with your New Venture Plan (NVP). Venture plans are a fantastic tool to help you clarify your thinking, and to create and communicate a strategy for both new and existing organizations. Students are expected to aggressively prototype their product and service offerings, test their hypotheses on potential customers, and seek out the advice of experts and mentors. For some students, the NVP will be a continuation of project work done in prior courses. Others may choose to begin from scratch with a new idea. In all cases, the plans will be developed in teams.

The final deliverables will be a completed NVP, a presentation of that plan in class, and two minute video that showcases the venture. The teaching team will judge the NVP’s and select the plans to be presented to the Presidio Community at the MBA and MPA Capstone Venture Showcase at the end of the semester.



SUS6060: Managerial Marketing




Beau Giannini, MBA

Ray C. Anderson Circle:

The Ray C. Anderson Circle members are experienced entrepreneurs and business leaders serving as advisor-mentors to MBA students in PGS’s Integrative Capstone Program. Click here to learn more.